Why We Age

Understanding Why We Age

When we understand what causes ageing we have the power to control it.
Contrary to what most might believe, growing old is not something that just happens by itself.
In fact ageing is the direct result of the bodies diminished ability to repair and renew itself.
The three main enemies that can stop our bodies from repairing and rebuilding itself are:

Nutrient Gap, Toxicity & Stress.

Since birth your body has been constantly building and repairing itself.
Every part of your body has been replaced, repaired and rebuilt many times over.
Ageing happens when the body struggles to maintain itself. Here's why;

1 Nutrient Gap

Think of your body like a factory. The product it manufactures is itself. It is constantly remaking itself  on a 30, 60 or 90 day cycle.
To make a New You it needs the raw materials - that is food rich in essential nutrients.

The challenge we all face everyday is getting enough of these nutrients.

2 Toxicity

If you live on Planet Earth, toxins can be found just about everywhere. To keep it simple there is a list a 12 Bad Foods to avoid (see video here).

Everyday foods that might seem harmless on the surface but actually contribute to ageing. Eliminate these and you are now getting younger.

3 Stress

The most amount of damage caused to our cells is through stress. Scientists have proved that people with healthy diets but living under constant stress, have similar blood analysis to those living on diets of just junk food. Toxic thoughts produce toxic chemistry at the cellular level. It gets back to what thoughts we process and how we process them. The potentially destructive effects of stress on the human body should never be underestimated.

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In fact over 40 years ago Dr. Wallach's scientific research proved that all disease and ageing starts with a simple deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

“Every animal and every human being that dies of natural causes, actually dies of a nutritional deficiency disease.”

For decades Dr Wallach's research has proven beyond any doubt that for the human body to function at it's best it needs a set of 90 Essential Nutrients every day.
Get these in sufficient amounts and your body has the raw materials it needs to heal and repair itself, leaving you feeling energized and rejuvenated. Do this and you have put the brakes on ageing.

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Life is for living. Enjoy yours to the fullest.