What Others Say

Swift relief from Osteo-arthritis pain.
I was coping with the discomfort of osteo arthritis in my hands and had difficulty with simple tasks such as removing lids from jars, typing and experiencing extreme pain in my finger joints. After two weeks on Youngevity I started to notice a decrease in the level of discomfort and at the same time felt more energised. I was able to open a jam jar for the first time in 12 years. The flexibility in my joints continues to improve. I would be very reluctant to cease taking the product, it's been amazing!
Delvine, age 70 Australia

Over active Thyroid returns to normal.
I was diagnosed with an over active Thyroid. This effected my moods and the
staff in my business complained that I would become a monster at around 2pm every day. I was seeing a Professor of Endocrinology from a major University in Brisbane Australia. He was monitoring my condition because I didn’t want a surgeon to remove any of my internals. After four months on Youngevity, the professor reported all my indicators had returned to better than normal and he said, “I’m not sure what you are doing woman but keep doing it”. I told him I was taking mineral based supplements together with selenium. He said “yes, I believe that would help”.
Lucile, age 50 something. Australia

Enjoying every day more.
My skin has been dry and irritable for decades and has greatly improved. My energy levels are up and a troublesome big toe which dislocates is also much improved. Thank you very much.
Theo, age 77 Australia

Improved eyesight and heart arrhythmia gone.
I am pleased to report that my sense of improved eyesight has definitely improved by the third week. Another good report is I am no longer experiencing any heart arrhythmia. I used to have this all the time – every 30 sec to 1 minute or so, my heart would skip a beat. I was quite used to it, so it didn’t bother me. But now it has stopped so completely. Following Youngevity’s Mighty 90 for Life nutritional program has made a world of difference, I have to say I’m pretty impressed.
John S, age 40's Fiji

Overcame inflammation and severe joint pain.
"I so believe in Youngevity! I've been on it for three years & I feel so much better now than I did when I started taking their products! Before Youngevity I had a lot of inflammation in my body and a lot of joint & foot pain. I used to walk down the stairs like an 80 year old woman & I'm only 58 - needless to say, I was in a lot of pain! I am now pain-free and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I have been able to lower my blood sugar levels from 7.8 to 5.7, normalize my under active thyroid & lose 9 Kg of weight and am walking with a spring in my step!  I cannot praise Youngevity enough & I want to share it with everyone that I know."
Bev, age 58 USA.

Incredible changes in nine days
I suffered hepatitis in 2009. A fatigue I have had for years that made me very sleepy in lectures lifted off like a blanket in just 2 days. Liver “twinges” gone, prostate flow is better than in years, energy levels and clearer thinking like I had in my thirties, my eye sight slightly improved (I use #2 readers, hope it will improve even more), lactose intolerance cured! People have started noticing I look different, less tired and I am losing weight, great! And my productivity has greatly improved too. I even don’t mind working hard sweating like crazy in the very high humidity and temperature we are having here in Suva. Haven’t done that in years! I would recommend Youngevity for anybody healthy or otherwise or anyone just needing a boost.

D G.  Mid 50's Fiji

Depression lifted, a fracture healed and my vitality restored.
When I first heard about Youngevity I had broken my leg. I was still working as a high school teacher and would drive several hours a day to and from my job. I was getting exhausted and began to feel depressed. Each day I was finding it harder to get out of bed.

After only one week on Youngevity I had energy levels like I experienced as a much younger woman and I spent the following weekend working in my garden with my broken leg in a brace!

After 2 months on Youngevity the specialist doctor I saw for my fracture was amazed at how well my bones had healed. He said my bones were not the bones of a 74yr old woman. He had never seen such a remarkable recovery for someone my age.

One year later my skin glows and seems to have less sagging. I have super woman energy and look and feel great. I have a science background and understand why Youngevity works so well so I am not imagining this. My improved health is no coincidence, my testimony is not anecdotal evidence or has anything to do with luck. This is real.
Marg, age 74 Australia