Dr Peter Glidden ND

Meet Dr. Peter Glidden

Respected for his knowledge – Admired for his dedication and Loved for his passion. After graduating from high school a young Peter Glidden interviewed both a medical doctor and an naturopathic doctor to discover which practise could offer the best way to help others. One doctor glowed with radiant health and vitality and his approach seemed logical. The other doctor was over weight, coughed furiously and looked terrible. Becoming a Naturopathic doctor for him was a no-brainer. Be inspired and encouraged as he dissects modern medical myths and delivers proven alternatives that really work.

What is actually in our supplements?

We spend billions buying supplements but are we getting bang for our buck?

12 Bad Foods you want to avoid


Cancer is not genetic

Have you ever thought cancer was genetic? This will really get you thinking

You will never guess the biggest cause of inflammation

How stress causes ageing and disease and why essential nutrients are your best defense

Why Youngevity

The road to healing is easy and why Youngevity is the best vehicle to take you there

10 questions to ask before starting cancer treatment

Are conventional cancer treatments failing us? 10 Questions you MUST ask before starting any treatment.

Treat your deficiency and treat your disease!

'Its academic'. Millions of dollars of research and decades of clinical studies prove it

Breast cancer - what you need to know

Breast cancer is on the rise but are treatments keeping up? Get the facts here

The cause of the healthcare crisis revealed

What really drives our medical system? Profits or results?

Bone and joint health

Dr Glidden reveals the real reasons our bones become frail and how to strengthen them naturally

Wholistic cancer treatments

Ever wondered if conventional cancer treatments are really the best option? This will shock you.

Which nutrients for which ailments Dr Peter Glidden and Clive de Carle

Simple nutrient deficiencies can cause complex problems, check the list

Why this doctor will not donate to any research fundraiser

We donate Billions every year to find the cure, has anything changed?

This is an 'Epidemic of Biblical Proportions' and here is the cause!

Growing numbers of children now take prescription meds for behavioral problems, but could their diet be the real cause?

Is Cholesterol really a problem?

This will change the way you see Statin drugs forever.

Gut Health, Why It's So Important!

Dr Glidden succinctly explains where all sickness and disease starts and how a few simple disciplines can make you virtually bullet proof.

The Cause Of High Blood Pressure

In this video Dr Peter Glidden passionately explains how magnesium can help lower your blood pressure.

Thyroid, Over or Under Active.

 Dr Peter Glidden discuses what to do about an over active or under active thyroid.

Fire Your MD! This Is Why Part 1

Dr Glidden doesn't hold back on this subject and why we need to inform ourselves on what their wonder drugs actually do.

Fire Your MD! This Is Why Part 2

Fire Your MD! This Is Why Part 3


Dr Peter Glidden, Lupus

Dr Peter Glidden, Lupus

Dr Glidden is shocked at young Mom's experience with the medical field's treatment of her son with Lupus... Must watch video!