Does your family medical history really effect your future health?  Are certain Diseases Genetic?  Or is this just a medical myth?

What if there was no such thing as Genetic Disease? Would this mean your family history of certain diseases is no longer a personal threat?

Imagine if your family's health history was no indication that you were destined to suffer the same fate?

Better still, what if there were other hidden forces at work and YOU actually had the power to harness and direct these at will?

Until recently most scientists believed our DNA was 'pre-coded' at birth and that’s just the way it is. If your family has a history of a certain disease then chances are you'll get that disease because it’s genetic right? Wrong!

That was last century. Welcome to the 21st Century where Epigenetics has proven the exact opposite of what most thought to be true.

Epigenetics is the Science behind the real ways that our day to day life actually effects every cell in our bodies. Epigenetics proves that DNA is not fixed as once thought, it can change and be molded like the potters clay.  

Our DNA can change and adapt from moment to moment – for better or for worse.

Question: Why is the ground breaking Science of Epigentics so life changing?

Answer: Because it teaches us there is a direct link between our environment and our health. That if we alter the way we live, we will alter our health and how long we live. Period!

When we gain mastery over this we can stop being at the mercy of degenerative diseases and medical conditions that we just accepted as being part of life. We can then get to the real causes of disease which is, 'how we live our lives'.