"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live."  E. James Rohn

For centuries we have searched for ways to prolong our lives. Finding the secrets to eternal youth has become the Holy Grail of health.
For many of us the idea of growing old seems unavoidable. But what if ageing can be slowed down, parked in neutral or better still reversed?

Imagine having more energy with improved mobility while you look and feel younger. What could your life look like then?

The good news is that today more than ever, it is possible to improve both the quality and length of our lives and best of all do it naturally.

Staying youthful is no longer a fantasy, it's now a reality within everyone's grasp.

The first step to make it real is to understand why we age?

Believe it or not, growing old doesn't just happen, it is a by-product of how we have been living. Change the causes and we change the results.
Remove what wears the body out, replace it with what it needs to repair and thrive and you're on your way to getting younger - it's that simple.

So if you thought old age was inevitable, then what you are about to discover will have you thinking differently about your future. Click here for more.

Dr Glidden Discusses the Effectiveness of Youngevity Products



We don't get the nutrition we need from food alone.


Even if you think you eat well, get enough sleep, exercise and live a healthy, active lifestyle, is it enough? Surprisingly, the Centers for Disease Control show 76 percent of adults do not meet fruit intake recommendations, and 87 percent do not meet vegetable intake recommendations.


Our consumption of sugar, fat and carbohydrates has never been higher while depleted soil, crop changes and seasonal inconsistencies are yielding less nutrient-dense food. Our bodies are desperate for nutrients but can't solely rely on our food sources to deliver them anymore. This is why Youngevity's 90 for Life™ system was created.


90 Essential Nutrients

Youngevity has taken the 90 For Life nutrients needed to thrive and created the Healthy Body Start Pak. The optimal mix of 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and a powerful blend of  essential fatty acids that have been molded from decades of research to deliver advanced nutrition. 90 carefully selected nutrients your body needs to thrive and feel its best.

Our most popular nutritional mix

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