Ben Fuchs

Meet Ben Fuchs R. PH

A Passionate Enthusiastic Genius. After being fired from his first job as a pharmacists for dispensing vitamins instead of drugs, Ben has been on a mission to help others learn the real causes of disease and how to reverse and heal any condition naturally. That is without invasive surgery and pharmaceutical drugs. He gets straight to the heart of what makes for a healthy functioning body and delivers his message in a concise way anyone can understand. Ben is a regular on radio networks and at live events in both the USA and abroad. Audiences around the world love Ben and you will too.

Alzheimer's, dementia, nutrients for brain health & cholesterol

Amazing insights into the real causes and how to reverse what many think is irreversible

Triangle of Disease

3 things that cause ALL disease and ageing


The western diet has a lot to answer for (again). Ben exposes The 'BIG 3' factors that cause acne, how to prevent it and why the standard approach to treating it can be ineffective.

Generic Nature of Disease

All sickness and disease originates from the same place

Heal Your Body

Your body is a healing system, diseases can be reversed.


Forget the symptoms, lets focus on the cause


Could it actually be your body's best best friend?

Arthritis Part 1

Ben explains that Arthritis is no different to any other degenerative disease, it all starts with inflammation and is easier to reverse that many might have believed.

Arthritis Part 2

Sunshine, Supplements and a Detox - The nuts and bolts on what you can do to deal with arthritis effectively.


Its easier to control than you think

Auto-immune Diseases

Could the chemicals in our modern diet be responsible?

Heart Disease

Could blood sugar be responsible?

Calorie Restriction = a longer life

Consume less calories and slow down biological ageing

Macular Degeneration Part 1

A clear picture on what really goes on, a must see for anyone wanting healthy eyes

Macular Degeneration Part 2

Excellent strategies you can use to reverse this condition