Terms & Conditions

I AM Health Terms and Conditions


The I AM Inspired Terms & Conditions represent the code of ethics that all I AM HEALTH Affiliates need observe. Please take a moment to read and understand these.

Our company is committed to improving the health of the World. We do this by helping others achieve and maintain better health, increase awareness of what's possible and facilitate access to the finest health and nutrition supplements available.

We aim to equip the individual wanting to improve their health with the tools necessary and in a manner that empowers that individual to then empower others should they choose to do so.

I AM Health reserves the right to amend any of its Terms & Conditions, License Agreements, or any other procedural process it sees fit and in its absolute discretion from time to time without prior notice. Where appropriate I AM Health will publish these changes on its website within a reasonable time.

The I am Health T&C's are designed to help you achieve your full potential while helping safeguard the interests of you and your team.

Table of contents

  1. Becoming an I AM Health affiliate
  2. Your Responsibilities
  3. Conduct
  4. Offering the Business Opportunity
  5. Advertising & Promotion
  6. Use of Trade Names, Trademarks and Logos
  7. Copyright of I AM Health Material
  8. Sales Aids and Materials

Become an I AM Health Affiliate

1(a) Complete the online application and remember to check the box to confirm that you have read and agree to all of these Terms and Conditions.

1(b) Minimum Age. You must be at least 18 years of age to become an I AM Health Affiliate.

1(c) Joining as a Company or a Business

You may register a business or a company as an I AM Affiliate provided you register someone as the “Nominated Person”.

2. Your Responsibilities

2(a) Information contained in the I AM Health Resource Center is commercially confidential in nature and is therefore reserved solely for the use of I AM Health Affiliates. You agree not to share, disclose or disseminate in anyway any of the information contained in the Resource Center with anyone that is not a registered affiliate with I AM Health.

3. Conduct

3(a) High-Pressure Selling Tactics

Such behavior is not fitting for any Affiliate of I Am Health and you agree to refrain from any form of high-pressure selling and shall always conduct yourself in a courteous, considerate and professional manner.

3(b) Accuracy and Truthfulness

As an I am Health Affiliate you agree to always present/promote products and services in a manner that is complete and truthful.

3(d) Conducting Business in a Foreign Country Open and Approved by I AM

You are welcome to conduct I AM business in any foreign country or territory provided I AM Health and its partner/s have been opened and approved operations in that country. There is no requirement for you to be a permanent resident of another country or territory in order to conduct I AM business in that country, however the affiliate must comply with any and all local laws in that country as referred to in item 3(e).

3(e) Compliance with Local Laws in a Country Open and Approved by I AM

You must comply with all local and national laws and regulations that apply to an approved Country of Business and you shall not engage in any business practice or activity that could discredit or damage the image or reputation of I AM Health.

4. Offering the Business Opportunity

4(a) Retailing I AM Products and Services is The Principal Activity

When offering the business opportunity you must clearly state that the principle activity of an I AM Affiliate is to promote and sell I AM Health products and Services to Retail Customers.

4(b) There is NO Obligation to Invite/Join New Affiliates

Further, the I AM Affiliate must not represent or imply that the retailing of products and services is secondary to inviting new I AM Health Affiliate. I AM Affiliates must not imply or represent that an I AM Health Affiliate can derive income solely by inviting or joining other I AM Affiliates without the requirement for the Retail Sale of I AM Products and Services.

5. Advertising & Promotion

5(a) Approved Advertisements & Promotional Material

An I AM Affiliate may produce their own advertisements provided all content is accurate and truthful.

5(b)Local Laws

An I AM Affiliate must comply with any and all local and national ordinance, laws or other regulations when advertising or promoting I AM Health products or business opportunity. It is the sole responsibility of the individual I AM Affiliate to determine what these requirements are and to ensure any advertisements are compliant.

5(c) Interviews or Statements to the Media

Only authorised officials of I AM Health are permitted to speak with or write to the press or other media.

5(d) Approaching Authorities

You are not permitted to speak with or write to government authorities for or on behalf of I AM Health, or any of its subsidiaries, for any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to, product approval, registration or importation.

6. Use of Trade Names, Trademarks and Logos

6(a) Use of Trade Names, Trademarks and Logos

The use of I AM's trademarks, trade names, logos or any facsimile thereof in any way, shape or form without the prior written consent of I AM is not permitted. In the event permission is granted to use these trademarks, trade names and logos, I AM (and its subsidiaries) as the lawful owner reserves the right in its absolute discretion to withdraw this consent at any time.

7. Copyright of I AM Health Material

7(a) Copyright Infringement

No I AM Affiliate or any other person may reproduce in whole or in part any printed material, audio, electronic media, video and film recordings that have been produced by I AM without prior written consent. These materials are protected by copyright whether registered or unregistered and are considered proprietary to I AM Health.

8. Sales Aids and Materials

8(a) Development of Non I AM Material.

An I AM Affiliate may develop their own sales aids and materials for the purpose of building, training and motivating their own I AM Affiliates providing that the materials comply with the Terms and Conditions and all other written Policies and regulations of I AM

8(b) Violation of Protocols for non I AM produced sales Aids or Materials

In the event that I AM Health determines that non I AM Health produced sales aids & material supplied by an I AM Health Affiliate, violate any applicable law, the I AM Terms and Conditions or other policies and regulations published by the company from time to time, or effects the I AM business in any adverse way or damages its reputation, I AM reserves the right to demand the I AM Affiliate cease producing or distributing such sales aids and materials. Should the I AM Affiliate fail to comply, I AM will hold the I AM Affiliate liable for any costs, damage or any loss suffered whatsoever by I AM and/or its I AM Affiliates as a result of the production or distribution of such material.