Healthy Body Eye Pak


Studies show that Macular Degeneration and Cataracts are the number 1 and number 5 reasons why people go blind. The majority of which is caused by Free Radical damage.

Dr Wallach and Dr Glidden teach that Free Radicals degenerate the eye’s cells through free radical oxidative damage shrinking the Macula.

The eye is burning up with free Radical damage as the body tries to put out the “fire” of inflammation with Antioxidants, this is where the battle rages in our bodies.

We are simply not getting enough of the right nutrients, “Antioxidant” to “put out the fire” of inflammation from the damaging effects of Free Radicals.

Dr Wallach has reversed Macular Degeneration in people by advising them to (1) cut back on as many free radicals as they possibly can by eliminating the 12 Bad Foods, (2) increasing the antioxidant intake up to 100,000  ORAC points and (3) Support and promote the healthy structure and function of the eyes by taking the 91 Essential Nutrients (Healthy Start Pak) plus Ultimate Daily for increasing circulation to the Macula. Also, Cell Shield, Ultimate Selenium and “Ocutiv”, our newest addition to the eye health range.



Broad spectrum foundational nutrition plus powerful antioxidants to support eye health. Each pack provides broad spectrum foundational nutrition and includes (1) BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion -450g canister (1) EFA PLUS-90 soft gels (1) Beyond Osteo-fx powder – 357g Canister (1) and Cell Shield RTQ™ – 60 capsules. (1) Ultimate Selenium – 90 capsules (1) Ultimate Daily Classic – 90 Tablets and (1 ) Ocutive – 30 Capsules from our Pro FX range.